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The is an educational repository for newcomers providing how-to guides, informative articles, stories, resources, and services. Our mission is to educate, empower, and elevate new immigrants through information, advising, and entertainment.

The Newcomer seeks to convey reliable, relevant, and up to date information on various topics, including life in Canada, education, employment, and business, among others, to support new immigrants throughout their journey to Canada. We hope to provide newcomers with the information and resources necessary to help them succeed anywhere in the country.

Our Team

Clayton Tomlinson

Creative Editor

Clayton is a writer and editor in Toronto. He has a passion for reading, writing, and magazines. He also loves walking his dog and spending time with friends and family.

Helia Mokhber

Contributing/Copy Editor

Helia is an avid fan of coffee and tea (and refuses to pick between the two). She enjoys cooking and watching horror movies. When she’s not editing or writing, she’s either taking care of her plants, looking for new records to buy, or trying out different recipes.

Jérémie Kathalay


Jérémie is a writer, storyteller and loves to create worlds in different forms through those story’s. He has a passion for sharing someone’s story that is needed to be shared, which is why he is looking to complete his degree in journalism.

Joyce Lee

Social Media Community Manager

Joyce is the Social Media Community Manager for the Ontario Learning Development Foundation publications. When she’s not scrolling through Instagram, you can find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Kevin Tuffour

Social Media Coordinator

Kevin is a Bachelors of Arts graduate in English Literature from York University. He has a strong passion for content creation and is also a huge movie buff!

Meaghan Flokstra

Graphic Designer

Meaghan is a multidisciplinary artist currently studying Creative Writing & Publishing at Sheridan College. When not curled up with a good book, Meaghan is most likely experimenting with gouache paint or desperately trying to keep their plants alive.

Michelle Boon

Managing Editor

Michelle loves reading, writing, and procrastinating those activities while watching 2000s rom-coms. Her favourite food is mashed potatoes, and her dream is to write a book (if she can stop watching “The Holiday” for the millionth time).

Priscilla Wiredu


Priscilla is an exceptional writer who has made books her longstanding personality. She loves her job, coworkers and the topics she writes articles about. She loves horror movies, pizza, and is left handed

William Vuong

Web Developer

William is the Web Developer for The Newcomer. Apart from web development, he is also obsessed with all things fashion, barbering, and The Office.