A newcomer’s guide to Canada’s Wonderland 

By: Vivian Nguyen

Published on: October 06 2022

Photo: Vivian Nguyen 

Located in Vaughn, a city just north of Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland is the country’s largest amusement park. It covers over 300 acres and has 70 rides and 200 attractions.  

The theme park first opened in 1981 and added its waterpark, Splash Works, in 1992. Both parks were closed in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but started opening its gates through reservations just last year. As of 2022, Canada’s Wonderland is fully open for visitors. 

This guide contains everything you need to know about Canada’s Wonderland and how to prepare for your next visit. 

Business Hours 

Sunday to Saturday: 10 A.M.—10 P.M. 

Location and Transportation 

Location: 1 Canada’s Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6 

Transportation (by car or transit): 

  • York Region Transit (YRT) 
  • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) 
  • GO transit 
  • Route 47: Hamilton-Major Mackenzie 
  • Route 52: Oshawa-Major Mackenzie  

Use this source for detailed directions and navigation from the United States (Buffalo, NY) or from Pearson International Airport. 


Admission Tickets* 

Admission type Price per guest (before taxes) 
Daily admission $54.99 
Two-day ticket $79.99 
Bring-A-Friend** (for season pass holders)  $44.99 
Group tickets (15+ people) $42.99 

*All guests under the age of 3 do not require an admission ticket.  

**Discount is applied to a daily admission ticket for any visitor accompanied by a season pass holder. 

Season Passes 

Season Pass[Text Wrapping Break]($95.99 before tax) Gold Pass[Text Wrapping Break]($124.99 before tax) Platinum Pass[Text Wrapping Break]($250.00 before tax) 
Benefits: Unlimited Park visits in the year to Canada’s Wonderland and Splash Works, food and merchandise discounts, Bring-A-Friend discounts, and more! Benefits: Same perks as the Season Pass in addition to admission to Halloween Haunt and WinterFest. Benefits: Same perks as the Season Pass and Gold Pass in addition to free season-long parking and admission to all Cedar Fair Parks

These passes are one-time purchased tickets that allow guests unlimited Park visits until the end of the season. 


Add-ons are available, including Fast Lane passes which reduce your wait time in lines for rides, dining passes, and the “FunPix” add-on to capture unlimited memories from your visit. The dining and FunPix add-ons are offered as seasonal or all-day passes. 

Canada’s Wonderland also provides wheelchair rentals starting from $20.  


When you enter the park, you may be greeted by employees who want to take professional pictures of you by the waterfront. Let them! You can view the photo at one of the photo stations. If you like it, you can buy it for around $12 to $14. 


Parking costs $25 (tax included) per vehicle when you purchase online, and $40 for RVs and campers. Preferred parking is $35.  


When you enter the Park gates, you are required to walk through metal detectors. Like at airports, security personnel will also check your bags. This ensures your safety and the safety of others. Make sure you read the Code of Conduct before visiting. 

Phones and cameras are permitted but you cannot take them out during the rides and slides. Each ride will have an area where you can put your belongings to retrieve after the ride is over. 

For accessibility accommodations, visit the Park’s accessibility webpage first before contacting ride.accomodations@canadaswonderland.com.  

Outside food and beverages 

Canada’s Wonderland has a no outside food, beverages, or coolers policy. However, baby food and formula, and bottled water or water in refillable bottles are permitted. 

Within the park, there are baby bottle warming stations and diaper changing restrooms. Their exact locations as well as available food vendors are listed on the Park map

Additionally, there are picnic areas outside of the gates where you can enjoy your food if you do not want to buy Park food. You can also keep a cooler inside the car and access it anytime during your visit. A readmission hand stamp is required for same day re-entry. 

What to Bring 

When preparing for your visit, ensure you pack the following: 

Your Season Pass, mobile, or printed tickets 

Tickets can be saved on your device or the Canada’s Wonderland mobile app which has a Park map for easier navigation. 

Debit or credit cards 

Canada’s Wonderland is cash-free for admissions, restaurants, and gift shops. However, there are Cash-to-Card kiosks where you can convert your cash to a prepaid debit card. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also accepted. 

Sun protection 

Although there are shelters and cooldown stations, it is best to bring sun protection items like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. (Remember to remove loose clothing items before riding the roller coasters as you will lose them!) 

Water bottles 

Bring new (sealed) plastic water bottles or reusable ones. There are fountains and refill stations throughout the amusement park. 

Appropriate swim attire 

To take advantage of all Splash Works rides and slides, pack appropriate swim attire and a change of clothes. A pair of flip-flops, water shoes, or aqua socks may also be useful for walking around the waterpark. (Although there are changing areas, to avoid crowded spaces and waiting for privacy, wear your swimsuit under your clothes if possible.) 

Something to hold your belongings 

Whether it’s a stroller, backpack, drawstring bag, or even a luggage carry-on, bring something to hold all your belongings. Lockers are available for all-day rental ranging from $17 to $30. However, the park is not liable for any stolen items so pack light but also be prepared! 


If you are under 30 years-old and are planning to buy alcohol, bring a valid government issued photo I.D. 

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking. 

Rides and attractions 

            Photo: Vivian Nguyen 


Each ride at the Park has a height requirement, identified by colour. Height check stations are available for guests to get measured and to receive colour-coded wristbands. You do not need the wristbands to go on the rides, but they are helpful to show employees that you’re eligible for the ride, especially children.  

The most popular high thrill rides at Canada’s Wonderland include The Bat, Leviathan, and Behemoth. While The Bat is known for its backwards and hoop mechanics, Behemoth has a reputation for being an adrenaline-pumping “beast” that sends you down a 75-degree angle descent. Meanwhile, Leviathan is Canada’s Wonderland’s tallest ride, standing at a record-breaking, 306ft (93.27m). It also has an 80-degree drop. 

If these rides aren’t your cup of tea, there are also low to mild thrill rides like Frequent Flyers, the Antique Carrousel, Lazy River (at Splash Works), and more! 

Splash Works 

Splash Works is Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool. Life jackets are available throughout the waterpark which children and beginner swimmers are encouraged to wear. You can bring your own lifejacket(s) if it is Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, or Fisheries and Ocean Canada approved. 


In addition to rides, Canada’s Wonderland has many attractions and live entertainment. Most shows occur more than once throughout the day and include stunt diving and circus acts. The Peanuts characters also host dance parties at Playhouse Theatre in Planet Snoopy. 

Although summer is the most popular time to enjoy the Park’s rides and attractions, Canada’s Wonderland also hosts events throughout the year, including fireworks on long weekends, Halloween Haunt and WinterFest

If you get the chance to visit Canada’s Wonderland, take it! You will not be disappointed. 

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