Learning to appreciate the outdoors

By: Vincent Tran 

Published on: September 22nd, 2023

Photo: Tetyana Kovyrina (Pexels) 

Presently, our society is very much focused on and centred around technology and the vast world of the internet. Wherever you go there is usually some form of technology out there and it’s difficult to escape it entirely.  

Although technology is helpful and can get you far in Canada, it could also have a negative impact on yourself and your own wellbeing. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from all this technology and connect with nature and the natural surroundings of the Earth.  

With how prevalent technology is in our lives, we may often forget the beauty of nature all around us. Technology can sometimes consume our whole lives, so it’s good to learn how to connect with reality and the world as a whole, so here is what you can do to appreciate the outdoors and the nature around us and how you can step away from technology.  

Go on a walk

One way you could learn to appreciate the outdoors is by going on a walk. It’s a very simple thing, that has numerous benefits. 

Try to walk through your local park or through the woods, as it could be a good way to disconnect and focus on what you’re seeing all around you. Be sure to take in all the sights and don’t be afraid to be fascinated by your surroundings.  

A walk can be nice to ease yourself and take your mind off your everyday life. It could help give you perspective on the world around you and help you find joy and creativity in life.  

Photo: Josh Willink (Pexels)

Plant trees

Another thing you can do to get in tune with nature is to go tree planting.  

Tree planting is a great way to appreciate the outdoors, because you will not only learn about the importance of trees and nurturing and restoring them, but you will also be actively making a positive change on this planet by helping it flourish. 

A big part of appreciating what’s around us is to also take action and what better way than to plant trees. It could be a fun activity to do, especially if you invite a few friends and chat and have a good time while positively changing the Earth.  

Canada has many organizations and places to plant trees, one of which is Tree Canada. They offers different programs and options for you to do sustainability work. 

You could even be compensated for planting trees! So, if you have time and are able to work, why not plant trees, as you can get paid and make a positive impact on climate change.  

Visit national parks

A great way to appreciate the outdoors is by visiting national parks.  

There are many national parks all across Canada and going to one of them can be a great way to escape technology and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature all around you.  

National parks are not only are they great sites for incredible views and scenery, but they also act as lessons in history and geography. By visiting a national park, you will learn more about Canada and its development.  

These parks will also help you gain perspective on why preserving these places and the environment within them is so important. National parks can help you understand what goes into keeping the environment safe and protected, and it can help you learn more about how you should conduct yourself in regards to nature.  

There are many scenic and incredible national parks out there for you to see, so if you ever feel bored of seeing the same things on social media or the internet, step outside of your house and take a trip down to one of these national parks and learn more about what makes Canada such a great country.  

Photo: Headshatter (Pexels)

Have fun!

It’s also equally important to always try and have fun with everything you do outdoors. Going on picnics in the park with your friends can be a good way to socialise and also stay away from your phone or computer.  

You can even rent a cottage and take a trip with your family or friends, and have a good time with those you’re closest to. A cottage is a good way to escape from your work life, disconnect from the internet for a bit and help you appreciate the nature that Canada has to offer.  

There are many things you could do at a cottage from having campfire dinners to hikes or even swimming or canoeing if you’re near water, the possibilities to explore are endless.  

So, try your best to have fun and be creative with everything you do in nature, because it’s a great way to build connections with the people closest to you and also build a deeper understanding and new found appreciation for the world around you.  

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