Rainy day activities in Toronto

By: Josephine Naghavie

Published on: April 1st, 2024

Getting out of your house on those extra gloomy days can be difficult at times, the ideas of possible activities shrinking by the second. Don’t let those rain drops stop you from doing something!  

Below you’ll find suggestions for activities on those rainy days. Don’t be afraid to do something on your own if none of your loved ones are available, solo dating is the new thing!  

Movie theatres  

Catching a movie at your local theatre is the perfect way to stay inside while it’s raining. Whether it’s an independent theatre or one that plays all the biggest new releases. Purchase some of your favourite snacks and drinks and hang out in the dry theatre. Allow yourself to forget, and immerse yourself in the scenes in front of you.   

Arcade bars  

Checking out some of the arcade bars situated around Toronto is a great way to have some fun indoors. Toronto has many arcade bars across the city, including the Rec Room, which is located near the CN Tower and holds many games, including the classics and newer ones. Dave and Busters have many locations around Toronto and have a wide variety of games to play, so be sure to find one that’s near you. There are also many other independently owned arcades across the city that a quick Google search can help you find if that’s more your thing. Enjoy feeling like a kid again!  

Ripley’s aquarium  

Stay dry while being surrounded by water at the Aquarium, located in the core of Downtown Toronto. If you haven’t yet been, now is the moment to go! You will see many different types of exotic fish and sea creatures including sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and jellyfish. The aquarium has many interactive sections that allow you to participate with hands-on experiences. Wear something comfortable because you’ll be moving around the aquarium! Check out their website for the events taking place. It is very kid friendly, has many games to play, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect photo opportunity.  

Art galleries  

Embrace your artistic side on a gray day and check out some of your local art galleries. There are many different ones across the GTA that showcase local and upcoming artists, especially if you hit up OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design). The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is also a great space that holds many events during both day and night, so check out their website to see what they have!  

 Bowling alleys  

Check out your closest bowling alley for a fun activity to do with your friends when the skies are crying. The daytime prices tend to be less expensive than nighttime, and they also allow you to stay a little bit longer when it is less busy. If you’re looking for a more lowkey alley, Playtime Bowl and Bowlarama have some exciting glow-in-the-dark events, so be sure to wear something white! If you are looking for a more upscale and fancier bowling alley, The Ballroom Bowl, located Downtown Toronto, is a great place to sit on some plush couches while you wait your turn to hit a strike!  


Toronto has many museums with so many different areas of interest, so you will be bound to find something that is enjoyable. Whether it be The Ontario Science Centre or The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) there are many different events and interactive activities. They are both very kid friendly, so it is a great place to keep those young ones occupied! You can also find your local lower-scale museums that have other topics of interest dedicated to one subject!  

 Board game cafes  

If you’re tired of playing the same board games at home but don’t want to purchase new ones, board game cafes are a great way to stay occupied on rainy days. Being able to get out of the house and still have fun with your friends and families is always a good breath of air. These cafes are great to play some classic games you already love, or try something you’ve never played before! These cafes also serve other things than coffee. You will be able to order a meal if you’d like to make it a full event. Snakes and Lattes is a great board game cafe that has many locations around Toronto, so be sure to check out your closest one.  


If you’re looking to try something new or pick up a new hobby, there are many different classes to take in the GTA on those gray and rainy days. Whatever your interests may be, you will be sure to find something to participate in. Classes can range from pottery, jewelry making, wine and painting (or just painting), technology courses, book clubs, fitness classes, obstacle courses, axe throwing, rage rooms, and so much more. Be sure to check out what you would like to do and the closest location to you. You can find a list of events and classes on eventbrite.  

Indoor golf  

Indoor golf is a great way to spend time indoors when outside feels gloomy. Mini golf is a great experience with friends, family, or even alone! Grab a bucket of golf balls, a golf club and hit the glow-in-the-dark courses full of funky obstacles. Wear closed toed shoes and bring your A-Game. If mini golf is not your thing because you’re more of a professional who is looking to practice their swings, head over to the driving range at Polson Pier near the Docks. The roof of the driving range is covered where you’ll be standing so you won’t get wet! Another option for some indoor gold would be 3D, where the room is entirely indoors and you’ll be able to practice virtually!  

Comedy show  

What better way to spend the day than laughing your way through it. The Comedy Bar is where you’ll be able to see a ton of comedians make their way through their sets. There are daytime shows and evenings ones, all the way to the late-night hours. Second City is another one where they hold local artists, including some special international comedians. There are also many other places like Yuk Yuk’s that have some more well-known comedians if you don’t want to risk it with the newer ones. Check out the closest comedy bar to you so that you can laugh alongside many others. Another great way to spend time with loved ones or by yourself!  

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