Sharing old hobbies with new friends 

By: Vincent Tran 

Published on: April 11 2023

Being new to Canada might feel like you’re stepping into a totally new world. Some things that you are familiar with might not be the same in Canada and some of the things that surround you might be completely new to you.  

Oftentimes, it’s tough to break your old habits and start fresh in a new country, but you don’t have to forget your past to begin a new life in Canada. 

Here are some tips when sharing your old hobbies with new people that you meet and become friends with.  

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Don’t be afraid 

A big obstacle when it comes to sharing things with people is fear. You may be afraid that you will get judged or be looked at in a certain way, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing something that you have done.  

You would be surprised how open-minded people really are once you get to meet them and that they might not judge you like how you thought they would.  

If you stay in fear of being judged or doing something wrong, then you may not ever get the chance to show your new friends something you are passionate about or something you’ve done your whole life.  

Take action 

Once you’ve gotten over the potential fear of being judged, then take action and show your friends your hobbies.  

Your old hobbies may be different from what your friends do, but they also might not be too different. That’s what is great about sharing parts of yourself and your culture with others, because you may find out that you have some similarities, which can further strengthen your bond with one another.  

At the end of the day, we are all human and we most likely end up doing similar things to each other without even knowing it.  

Also be ready to be patient because it could take your friends a bit of time to get used to some of the things that you have been doing for a long time. It should still be a fun process showing your friends your hobbies.  

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Embrace your old hobbies 

An important thing to keep in mind is to stay true to yourself. Stay true to your roots and where you come from. You should never feel ashamed or be embarrassed of where you’re from or your culture’s customs and beliefs.  

If you are able to, keep doing your old hobbies and things that you are familiar with. 

You can incorporate your hobbies into your daily life in Canada, which can make it easier on yourself when settling in.  

Your old hobbies can be a multitude of different things. For example, if you enjoy eating a particular meal from back home everyday, continue doing that. Try making an effort to cook your favourite meal at home or try finding restaurants in your city that make your favourite meal.  

If you are religious and a hobby of yours is to go to your religious service and speak to others who are in attendance, also keep doing that. It could be a great way to stay true to your faith and culture, while also speaking to others who are of the same faith as you and becoming friends and learning more about them.  

Your personal hobbies can be great conversation starters with your new friends or new people you meet, who are unfamiliar with those things. You can show them what your life was like before coming to Canada.   

They can act as great lessons for others to find out more about yourself and also help you maintain your connection back home.  

Photo: David Bartus (Pexels) 

Take part in new hobbies 

Something else to keep in mind while sharing your old hobbies with your new friends or new people you meet is to also partake in new hobbies.  

There are many different things that people in Canada do, so keeping an open mind to these hobbies and also joining in them can bring you closer to your new friends.  

If your friends enjoy going on walks throughout the city or they enjoy hiking in the forest, it could be something that you haven’t done yet, so join along with them and discover new things about your city or your friends as well.  

During the winter, many Canadians like to partake in winter activities, such as ice-skating, skiing, and playing hockey. Canada is known for its winters, so a good way to join in on Canadian culture and tradition is by doing some Canadian winter activities.  

If there’s a skating rink in your city, try going with some of your friends and learn how to ice-skate. It can be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun activity to do while also talking to your friends. 

There are many ski resorts all throughout Canada where you could book a room to stay at and ski or snowboard on the mountains as well. Skiing and snowboarding are very fun activities to do during the winter time and many Canadians take part in this activity yearly.  

But, if you enjoy a more physical activity, hockey could be a great sport to play with friends and a good way to have fun while also being competitive with each other. Hockey is a huge sport in Canada and it has become ingrained in Canadian culture, so playing hockey with your friends could help ease you into the Canadian lifestyle, while also being part of a fun activity.  

These new hobbies could potentially be life-changing for you and you could also find something new that you will enjoy. Joining in on new hobbies can make you feel more a part of Canadian culture and can help you settle in to the start of your new journey.  

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