Top 5 parks to visit this summer 

By: Anson Wong

Published on: March 8th, 2024

Summer is almost here and now is the best time to explore the various parks that make up the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you want a place to visit with your family or just want to take in the greenery by yourself, here are some of the most popular parks to visit. 

Downsview Park 

Located in North York, Downsview Park is one of the most frequented parks with over 7000 Google reviews. One unique feature of the park is the mounds erected from the displaced dirt during construction. The mounds are high enough to offer a view of the entire park. Additionally, The Play Zone is the park’s aviation-themed playground that’s perfect for kids to explore. Similarly, the sports field offers fun for youth and adults alike. Best of all, if the weather is too hot, an indoor climbing gym is open, featuring over 1394 square metres of climbable terrain. 

High Park 

Between Etobicoke and Toronto lies the city’s largest public park. The grass fields encompassing the park along the main road make for many ideal picnic spots. High Park also comes with an off-leash area for dogs. Membership is not required to access this area, but owners should make sure they have a valid dog license and their pets are vaccinated for rabies before attending. If you prefer to just view animals, then High Park Zoo includes llamas, buffalo, and capybaras among others for you to explore. 

Scarborough Bluffs Park 

Like its namesake, The Bluffs are known for their steep cliffs along Lake Ontario that span 15 kilometres. No matter where you go, the stunning view of the cliffs is always present facing the ocean. Given its proximity to the lake, yachting is a popular activity. Hundreds of yachts are parked at Scarborough Bluffs and the park is home to several yacht and sailing clubs along the coast of Lake Ontario. Some clubs offer the option of renting a boat, so nonowners can still partake in recreational activities on the water. 

East Point Park 

Due to its proximity to Lake Ontario, East Point Park features meadows, forests, and wetlands, to explore. The beach is perfect to cool off in the summer heat off the shore of Lake Ontario. Bird enthusiasts will love the East Point Park Bird Sanctuary, which documents over 170 species of birds on its steel walls. Accompanying the names are bird cutouts representing each one. Bird watchers can enjoy the view at any designated viewing area. 

Rouge National Urban Park 

Rouge National Urban Park is the largest urban park in North America and is located in Eastern Toronto. The park offers hiking trails that will take you through several biomes including wetlands and meadows. Throughout your travels, you may encounter wildlife such as beavers, red foxes, and groundhogs. The park also provides a Learn-to-Camp program which offers tutorials on camping. Located near the park is Toronto Zoo, the largest zoo in Canada. Visit over 3000 animals from around the world divided among seven zoogeographic regions. Observe lions, tigers, penguins, giraffes, gorillas, and many more throughout the zoo.  

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