Unbelievable places to watch the sunset in Toronto 

Places to Visit the Sunset in Toronto

By: Josephine Naghavie 

Published on: September 4th, 2023

Toronto is a bustling city that holds many hidden places to those who are unfamiliar. When summer arrives and is in full swing, finding a place to watch the beautiful sunset is crucial. Toronto’s skies can be seen at these places all year round, and are easily accessible through walking, driving, and public transportation.  

Below are the top spots in Toronto to view the sunsets. You will find something different for everyone’s interests, whether that be somewhere busy to gather with friends, family, and loved ones, or somewhere nice and quiet for some time to yourself. Pack a bag with some essentials and get ready for a beautiful view!  

Essentials to Pack for Sunset viewing 

  • A blanket or sheet to sit on. 
  • Your favourite drink.  
  • A snack.  
  • Some earphones if you would like to listen to some tunes during your viewing.  

Polson Pier

Formally known as ‘The Docks,’ Polson Pier holds many activities such as mini golf and a driving range. During sunset hours, the entire area is cast in an iconic glow of orange over the CN Tower and the lake. There are benches located near the boardwalk, places to stand, and also some grass areas to lay a blanket and have a seat.  

Keep in mind that, because of its amazing atmosphere, Rebel Nightclub is also situated along the boardwalk, so it is suggested to those who are viewing the sunset to reach the grounds earlier to find parking spots available. Because of the nightclub and the pool bar, the crowds can get super busy.  

Polson Pier is wonderful for that perfect Instagram worthy experience.  


11 Polson Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 1A4  

Toronto Islands

The islands are located on Lake Ontario and are only a 13-minute ride on the ferry. The islands are a gorgeous spot to spend the day, and they offer various activities including bike trails, beaches, and picnic spots with tables. There are many places on the islands that have crowds and the busy lifestyle, or some quiet space to relax. The sunset at the islands is picture worthy as it casts over the Toronto skyline and the CN Tower.  

The ferry stop is located at Harbourfront. The lines can get long if you go later in the day, so try and head there early. You can also take a water taxi that is much faster than the ferry!  


Jack Layton Ferry Terminal is located at 9 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON, M5J 2H3  

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is in downtown Toronto and is a man-made beach at the pier on Harbourfront. Most of the pier is in hidden shadows, because of all the skyscrapers that surround the area, but if you head to the southern tip of the beach, you will get a gorgeous view of the sunset on the harbour. The beach has many chairs for public use, and is quiet and relaxing. You may even get lucky and see some planes landing and taking off from the city’s centre airport.  


11 Dockside Drive, Toronto, ON, M5A 1B6  

Riverdale Park

This beautiful park features a big hill that can get busy during all four seasons of the year. It offers many amenities such as tennis courts, ice rinks, running tracks, and can be used for tobogganing during the winter.  

Behind a panoramic view of the city’s skyline, the beautiful sunset can be viewed from the many benches at the top of the hill or from your own cosy blanket on the grass.  

There are many events that take place at the park that include outdoor DJ’s, so if listening to some tunes while relaxing during golden hour is something you would enjoy, this is the perfect place for you.  


550 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON, M4K 2N6  

Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach is a perfect spot if you miss having your toes in the sand while in the city. The beach is on the lake and is safe to swim in, as it contains a lifeguard so you can relax and feel at ease. They have activities if you are looking for something to do like bike trails, volleyball nets, and a park for kids. The location of this beach is perfect as there are many restaurants around and food trucks right on the beach.  

The sunset view is a must-see. The sun falls right on the water, casting a beautiful orange glow.  


1675 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON, M4L 3W6 

Scarborough Bluffs

At the edge of Scarborough, you will find sandy dune beaches. This popular spot holds many picnic tables, benches, and trails to enjoy some fantastic views.  

Featuring soft sand dunes and swimming rocks, this beach has the most natural scenery in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The sunset at this beach is stunning because the view is constantly changing colours.  

If you are looking for a refreshing and calm atmosphere, this is the perfect place for you.  


1 Brimley Rd. S, Bluffers Park Road, Scarborough, ON, M1M 3W3 

Broadview Hotel Rooftop

You will find this beautiful hotel that has a rooftop space for everyone to enjoy, even those who are not guests. There is an indoor lounge with glass windows that can be used all year round, or the outdoor terrace. This beautiful historic space gives views of the Don River and the Toronto skyline. This is a first come first serve basis, so try and head there a bit earlier so you can get settled before enjoying the sunset. The restaurant offers lovely cocktails, shareable appetisers, and live music.  


106 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON, M4M 2G1 

Stadium Road Park Boardwalk

A serene boardwalk along the water, located near Billy Bishop Airport in downtown Toronto.  

Following the path right to the end of the boardwalk is the perfect place to watch the sunset, while sitting on the edge. Benches are available for public use, along with grass areas to bring your own blanket.  

If you are lucky, you can watch the planes taking off or landing amidst the beautiful colours of the sunset.  


10 Stadium Road, Toronto, ON, M5V 3W5  

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