Things to keep in mind when making new friends 

By: Vincent Tran 

Published on: March 06 2023

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Making new friends isn’t as easy as it seems to some people. It could be a bit of a challenge for some and that could include newcomers. Coming to Canada and having to make new friends could stress you out, but you shouldn’t worry too much.  

When first meeting and speaking to others, it could get a bit awkward or uncomfortable, but with a bit of practice and guidance, making friends could get a bit easier and something that you will be comfortable with. 

There are some ways in which you could make yourself more relatable to others and in turn, more people will be open to being friends with you. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re making new friends.  

Expand your interests 

A good thing to be mindful of when speaking to others is to try to expand your interests and try to understand a multitude of different topics and ideas.  

If you’re interested in music, try listening to different genres and branch out from there. Then when you’re speaking to new people, you can ask them what kind of music they listen to and see if you have some commonalities there. Increasing your interests could be a great way to build up methods of small talk and can lead you down the path to success

Another example could be if you enjoy following one sport. You could start following other sports one at a time if it’s easier for you. Try learning about another sport, such as hockey, and you will be able to speak to other hockey fans as well. In Canada, a lot of people enjoy hockey, so if you don’t know too much about the sport, start watching a few games here and there and learn more about the rules of the sport.  

Eventually you’ll be able to have full on conversations and discussions with others about hockey and you can build great friendships through that. You could also feel more Canadian by following a popular Canadian pastime.  

The more you expand your interests and learn about different topics, the more likely you are to have similarities with others and develop friendships.  

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Listen to others 

Listening to others is something that seems like a given thing, but is often overlooked.  

By listening to others it doesn’t specifically mean to be quiet when they’re speaking, but to actually be attentive and understand what they’re telling you.  

Try your best to remember what someone tells you and the next time you speak, mention what they said because it could make them feel special and shows that you care about what they say.  

Ask questions about others, let them tell you about themselves, and take an interest in what they’re telling you. You could ask about what someone does for their career and try to learn more about their career. Ask things like what they do on a day-to-day basis, if they enjoy their work, or if they like the people they work with.  

These little questions are quite basic and simple, but by showing genuine curiosity in someone and the things they do, it could go a long way and make that person feel like you truly care about them and understand them.  

Also try your best to maintain eye contact because this is essential when speaking to others and having a conversation, as people will feel like you’re fully paying attention to what they’re telling you. Eye contact also builds a connection between you and another person and will reassure others that you care about what they’re telling you. 

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Be observant 

A good thing to keep in mind when speaking to new people is to be observant and take a great interest in someone.  

Taking notice of little details can make a big impact on someone and will make that person understand that you value them as a person and care about them.  

Being observant will help you read someone else’s emotions and body language and can help you when you’re having conversations with others. By reading other people’s feelings, you will be able to know when to and when not to ask specific questions about someone.  

When you’re speaking to somebody, if they seem happy and upbeat, you could ask them if something nice happened to them during the week or day, or if someone is noticeably unhappy or stressed, ask if there’s something bothering them and what you could do to help.  

Being observant can also help you focus on certain things both inside and outside of a conversation. It could help you see how other people act or conduct themselves, and as a result, will help you build better relationships. You will know when to say or do the right thing and also if you can get along well with certain people.  

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Be confident when speaking to others 

Speaking to new people can be difficult, but if you come into it with confidence and believe in yourself, then you’ll be able to make friends quite easily.  

With confidence and self-belief, you’ll be able to get your thoughts across more clearly and you’ll be more comfortable when speaking to others. Others will be able to understand you better and they’ll feel like they can trust you, as you are more sure of yourself.  

Being confident also makes you more attractive, not just for romantic relationships, but also for friendships and connections with others. People will gravitate towards you if you’re confident and are sure of yourself because they will see that you don’t really care what others think of you and that you are comfortable with your flaws.  

Your own self-confidence could also help others around you feel better about themselves, and that in turn will bring others closer to you and you’ll form close bonds with one another. 

These are only a few different things to keep note of when making new friends, as there are plenty of other ways and tips that you could use to help yourself. As long as you keep these tips in mind and build upon them, you will have no issue settling into Canada and will find it just a bit easier to speak to others and build friendships.  

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