Home and yard care tips during the colder seasons

By Stephanie Reed

Posted on November 1, 2021
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Canada’s four seasons each require obtaining different materials when taking care of your home and/or yard. The geographical location of Canada leads to freezing winters and moderate fall temperatures, which can sometimes be the hardest change for newcomers. Here are a few simple suggestions to maintain your yard and home care throughout the colder months.

Fall tips

Lawn and garden care

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  • If you have a motorized lawn mower, check oil and gas levels regularly. In the fall, using as much gas as you can before storing it away prevents rust and carburetor issues often caused by stale gas left for too long.
  • Rake, collect, and dispose of any leaves before the first frost of the season. This will prevent the accumulation of damp leaves from forming a dense mass that will damage grass and plants.
  • Fertilize your lawn in the fall to conserve nutrients over the winter.
  • Cut down any perennial plants (ones that grow back every year) in your garden to the root and cover with topsoil for a dormant period over the fall/winter.

House care

  • Turn off and drain any external water pipes and hoses to avoid freezing or bursting of pipes.
  • Remove any leaves or debris from eavestroughs and drain pipes to avoid water collecting and leaking to your basement or rotting the roof line.
  • Cover your air conditioner to avoid exposure to snow that causes rust or mechanical issues.
  • Reinforce or replace any weather stripping and caulking on windows and doors to keep out the colder temperatures.

Winter tips


  • Store ice melt/salt to be prepared for icy patches that form throughout the season. Generously applying the ice melt onto slippery patches prevents dangerous slips/falls.
  • Investing in a snowblower can be useful for some residents in certain parts of Canada that receive significantly greater periods of snow compared to others. With winter comes fireplace and furnace use, make sure to inspect and upkeep with CO2 detectors.
  • Clean and replace furnace filters every month to maintain safe air quality.
  • Winterize apartment balconies; this may involve covering any outdoor furniture, and bringing any seasonal or valuable belongings indoors.

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