The benefits of Canadian dual citizenship 

By: Elie Ngoy 

Published on: April 19 2023

Photo: Sebastiaan Stam (Unsplash)  

Compared to other major western nations, Canada has one of the highest rates of immigrant citizenship. 

Immigrants who come to Canada and settle may be able to seek Canadian citizenship via naturalisation if they fulfil relevant qualifications. For many immigrants, getting Canadian citizenship is the last stage in the immigration process.  

What are the benefits of being a Canadian dual citizen? 

Being a Canadian citizen provides advantages that permanent residents do not have, such as eligibility for local employment, the right to vote and run for public office, and the freedom to travel with a Canadian passport.  

More jobs are available to Canadian citizens 

Citizens of Canada are qualified for various non-elected government positions that only citizenship, and those requiring security clearances. On the other hand, permanent residents may find their work options constrained by their immigration status. 

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Canadian citizens have the right to vote and stand for election 

The power to vote in provincial and national elections begins with a Canadian citizenship. Canadian citizens have an essential role in determining provincial and federal politics via casting a vote. Furthermore, Canadian citizens may run for political office and represent their constituents’ interests on topics such as taxation, education, and international policy. 

Citizens of Canada are protected against losing their status 

Canadian citizens are exempt from immigration implications when they spend as much time as they wish outside of Canada, unlike permanent residents who must adhere to strict residence restrictions. Furthermore, Canadian citizens will not typically lose their citizenship if found guilty of a crime, whereas permanent residents may risk deportation if the offence is deemed severe enough. 

Canadian citizens may travel with a Canadian passport 

Some naturalised citizens find that a Canadian passport is more helpful than a passport granted by their native country since many nations enable Canadians to travel without a visa for specific reasons. Canada accepts dual citizenship. Therefore, if your nation of birth does as well, you may be fortunate to have two passports. 

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Canadian citizens are not required to update their immigration documents 

Permanent Resident Cards have a five-year validity period. The cards are essential for foreign travel and may be required by workplaces or other government entities as evidence of residency status.  

As a result, permanent residents are forced to make a new application for a Permanent Resident Card and pay a new fee every five years. Citizens are under no such responsibility. A Citizenship Certificate is valid in perpetuity, and Canadian citizens who desire to go abroad only need to renew their passports every ten years. 

How to acclimate into Canadian citizenship by embracing Canadian values 

Canadians are proud of their country and its international standing. Canadians place a high priority on equality, respect, safety, peace, and the environment. 


Women and men are legally equal in Canada, and Canada was among the first nations to allow same-sex marriages. The LGBTQ+ community’s rights are also guaranteed by Canadian law. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a cornerstone of Canadian law, and Canadians see the Charter as an essential component of Canadian ideals. 

Cultural respect 

Indigenous peoples welcomed the earliest settlers to Canada. One in five Canadians were born elsewhere. Many have non-Canadian parents and grandparents. Cultures and customs come to Canada. We aspire to develop communities that appreciate our diversity and similarities. 

Peace and harmony 

Canada is a relatively safe nation with low crime rates. Canadians are proud of their country’s considerable contributions to the United Nations, international assistance organizations, and international peacekeeping efforts across the globe. 

Love of nature 

Canada is the world’s second-biggest nation and is home to several of the world’s most spectacular natural marvels. Environmental stewardship is a significant component of what Canadians value. 

Love of hockey 

Although hockey is not Canada’s national sport, it is the sport most Canadians are enthusiastic about. Hockey is played by almost anyone and anywhere and plays a vital role in local communities. 

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