The most multicultural cities in Canada

By: Callum Denault

Published on: July 5th, 2024

Photo Courtesy: @lywin (Pexels)

Canada is renowned for its cultural and racial diversity. Several major cities are shaped and defined by the cultures of newcomers from around the world.

Read along to learn more about the most multicultural cities in Canada and the newcomers who have helped shape their cultural identities.

The Greater Toronto Area

The GTA is made up of Toronto and several suburban and rural municipalities. The region is known for being one of the most culturally diverse places in the world and Toronto is often called the most multicultural city in the world. Around half of Torontonians identify as belonging to visible racial minorities, many of whom represent expats from several foreign countries.

Many of these communities have formed subcultures in Toronto, such as the Caribbean community, which has its own newspaper. Toronto is also known for its rich Chinese culture, to the point of having a dedicated Chinese cultural centre and vibrant community in the city’s Chinatown neighbourhood.

The city of Brampton is known for having a strong South Asian community. Over half of Brampton’s immigrant population is from India, making up around 33.58 per cent of the city in 2011. More than just having many people of Indian heritage, Brampton is famous for being somewhere South Asian communities can embrace their traditional clothing, religion, and other expressions of culture.

The GTA is full of many other pockets that support newcomers’ ability to maintain their ties to their cultures while embracing new ones. Residents across the region promote inclusion by organizing festivals and events that celebrate food, music, and culture, including Toronto’s Caribbean Caribana Festival and the World Food and Cultural Festival.


Montréal, a majority French-speaking city, is also known for its diversity. Thirty-three percent of its residents were born abroad, many hailing from French countries such as Algeria or Haiti. Montréal is also part of the International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities, which represents how much multiculturalism is ingrained in local identity.

Montréal even has an annual multicultural festival, which held its second celebration in June 2023. Over 120 festivals are held in the city every year, although the organization of these events has been becoming more difficult since 2019 due to inflation.


British Columbia is one of the most multicultural provinces in Canada and welcomes over 40,000 new immigrants every year.

Vancouver also has several initiatives to help encourage cultural diversity in the city, such as a mentorship program designed to help newcomers find relevant work experience. This makes sense, given that 54 per cent of Vancouver’s residents identified as belonging to a visible minority in 2016.

The impact of the Chinese community on this city is especially noteworthy. To honour East Asian immigrants’ contributions to the city’s cultural identity, the Chinatown Storytelling Centre was opened in 2021. The cultural centre features stories from over 150 Chinese immigrants who played a significant role in Vancouver’s history and is the beginning of the city’s cultural revitalization efforts.

Other diverse places in Canada

Newcomers looking for a place they will feel welcome do not necessarily have to settle in a big city like Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto.

Edmonton, Hamilton, Ottawa, and many suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area are all considered among Canada’s most multicultural cities. One study tracking the number of languages spoken in different parts of Canada found Kitchener is the country’s most diverse city.

Additionally, LGBTQ+ members are not only welcomed but embraced in many parts of the country and can find various welcoming communities across Canada. Cities known for having thriving LGBTQ+ communities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

In conclusion, Canada stands out as a beacon of cultural diversity, with its major cities shaped by vibrant immigrant communities from around the globe.

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