Good ways to learn more about Toronto 

By: Vincent Tran

Published on: December 08 2022

Photo: Vincent Albos (Pexels)  

Toronto is a large and vast city with many different areas for you to learn more about. For newcomers, however, it could be overwhelming if you’ve never been to the city and are now living in Toronto.  

But, with some good exploration and a will to learn more about Toronto, things will start to feel more familiar to you and it will be less daunting. Coming into Toronto with the right mindset and guidance can help things be a lot easier and more enjoyable.  

There are so many places and things to explore in Toronto, so here are some different ways in which you could learn more about the city.  

Research the city 

A great way to learn more about Toronto is to have an active interest in knowing more about the city. 

You can learn about the history of Toronto by looking at online resources. This is a great way to learn about how people from different cultures came to Toronto and made it the city it is today. It’s always great to learn more about the history of a city and the internet is a good start.  

You can search for some popular restaurants in Toronto or local businesses that you may want to support. Try searching for the top tourist attractions and visit them if you’re able to. Maybe even look for some activities to do with others, like organised sports or recreation centres.  

If you prefer to read books or just want to take a break from reading online, you could visit one of Toronto’s many public libraries. There are also many things that you could learn about public libraries in Canada.  

Try finding some books on Toronto and learn more about the nuances of the city. Even reading newspapers could help you learn about different locations in Toronto and what’s going on in the city.    

There are many things to learn about Toronto, so try your best to look into whatever you’re interested in and see what the city has to offer.  

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Ask around 

Speaking to strangers may seem like a tough task to do at first, but if you are able to find some courage to ask questions about the city or show your curiosity for learning more about Toronto, then things will be easier.  

People in Toronto are friendly and will likely help you if you ask them something.  

You could walk into some restaurants and ask the workers there about popular spots to visit in the city during the summer. You could even ask people who are walking around the city where some good places are to eat at or buy clothing.  

Try asking your friends who live in and around Toronto about their favourite parts of the city and go to those locations with your friends or visit them by yourself if they’re busy.  

Going to the internet and asking questions on Toronto forums or newcomer groups could also be a good way to learn more about the city and ask those who live in Toronto.  

There are many people in Toronto who are willing to help you out and give you guidance, you just have to ask them first and they will be more than happy to help out.  

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Take a walk 

This is pretty simple, but sometimes just taking a walk through Toronto can help you learn a lot about the city.  

Walking down one of the main streets in Toronto, such as Queen Street or Dundas Street, can help you see many different aspects of Toronto. There are numerous different stores and restaurants on these streets and plenty more all across the city.  

Going for walks in the city is great for remembering certain parts of Toronto. Make sure you are looking around often at your surroundings, such as the buildings, parks, or stores. While you’re walking, try to remember the names of the streets you walk on as it could help you with directions and help familiarise  the different areas of Toronto.  

The more often you walk around Toronto, the more you’ll know your way around the city, and you’ll be able to find your way home if you ever feel lost, or you’ll be able to visit some stores that you know are near you. This knowledge is also helpful for shortcuts through the city to get to your destinations faster.  

Walking is also fun and a good way to exercise as well and it’s even more enjoyable when you’re just simply exploring Toronto, so be sure to wear some comfortable shoes while you embark on your adventure through the city.   

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Use public transportation 

Making use of public transportation is another good way of learning more about Toronto.  

There are many methods of transportation available all throughout the city. From buses to subway trains, to taxis and car services, there are plenty of ways for you to get around the city.  

If you need to get across town quickly, take the subway train and pay close attention to the subway map and all the stops. Fare prices for adults are $3.25 for a single fare or $3.20 with a PRESTO card. 

If you’re feeling adventurous and have the time to do so, try getting off at different subway stops on your journey and walk around the surrounding area. Each subway stop is at an important part of Toronto, so this could help you discover more about the city and also help you navigate your way around town.  

You could also do the same for different bus routes throughout Toronto or on the streetcar as well.    

Public transportation is a great way to learn more about the city because you’ll learn the different ways to get around the city, and if you’re really knowledgeable about Toronto’s public transportation system, then you’ll be able to know which methods of transportation will quickly get you to your destinations. It could also be helpful if you ever feel tired from walking around the city too much while you’re exploring.  

There is so much to learn about Toronto, so get ready and prepare yourself to take in a lot of information. It may be overwhelming, but the more you know about Toronto, the more comfortable you’ll be and the more you’ll be able to see the true beauty of this great city.   

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