Keeping yourself entertained

By: Vincent Tran

Published on: December 12th, 2023

Like many things in life, entertainment can take many different shapes and come to us in different ways.  

Some may find it easy to be entertained by things as simple as watching people go about in the city or watching cars pass by. Others may only be entertained by a certain movie, TV show, or video game.  

That’s why it’s important to try and diversify the ways in which you find entertainment, so that you don’t feel bored or unhappy in your everyday life. So here are a few things to think about to keep yourself entertained. 

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Why it’s important 

Being entertained is important in your life for not only keeping you happy, but also for many other reasons. It can act as an escape from the things that may cause you stress, in turn boosting your mental health.  

Entertainment can make you happier, and help you build and grow relationships with your family and friends. If you enjoy your time with those closest to you, it will help create stronger bonds and bring up your mood whenever you have a good time with them.  

Entertainment can also help you be more creative and even provide potential employment opportunities in the future. Nowadays, we see many people make a living off of doing things on social media or becoming an internet personality, so it could even end up being an option for you to consider in your own life.  

Reading books, watching shows, or doing many other activities can help you think outside of the box and always come up with a wide range of ideas. By exploring more and exposing yourself to many different forms of media and entertainment, you can learn a lot more about the world around you and give you more perspective.  

Invest in technology 

Spending money on technology is an expensive hobby, but if you have the money and are willing to spend on certain things to make you happy, you should try investing in technology as it could end up being a big part of your entertainment.  

You could start off with getting a TV and some streaming subscriptions such as Netflix or Disney Plus, and start watching the many movies and shows on there. If you aren’t interested in watching movies or shows, you can save up and invest in a video game console, such as a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo console.  

A standard Netflix subscription will cost you $16.49/month, while a Disney Plus subscription will cost $11.99/month, however both Netflix and Disney Plus offer different shows and movies, so look into their catalogues to see which one appeals to you the most.  

TVs come in many different sizes and price ranges, so try to find one that suits your situation. Gaming consoles also range in prices upwards of $400, so be ready to save up if you want to invest in gaming.  

Video games can get very expensive quite quickly, so try to buy games when they go on sale, or if you’re only interested in a few games, then buy those and play through them until you are tired of them. You could play single player games with just yourself or play multiplayer games with your friends, as it could be a good way to socialise and have fun together.  

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Go out and get active  

Sometimes something as simple as taking a walk or doing an outdoor activity can be very entertaining. You could try to walk through a different part of the city you haven’t explored yet or take a stroll through the forest.  

There are many activities you can do outdoors to get active and also be entertained at the same time. You could play a sport with your friends or family, such as basketball or volleyball, or if you prefer to do something by yourself, then you can go for a run or go to a park near you and do some exercises.  

Getting active is great because you can not only entertain yourself with what you are seeing or what you are doing, but it will also help you stay healthy and move around so you aren’t just stuck inside all day.  

The possibilities truly are endless and if you really are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and get more active, you may end up finding something you enjoy doing outside of your regular hobbies.  

Improve yourself 

Improving yourself can also be another way that you can find enjoyment and entertainment from. Whether it be reading a book or working out, there are many tasks that you can do to keep yourself engaged.  

Try to set goals for yourself as well. If you want to read a book or learn more about a certain topic, set a specific time period for yourself to finish that task. For example, you could try to finish a book within two weeks. That could end up being like a mini-game that you’re playing with yourself as you try to complete this task and to see how far you can get within that time period.  

Gaining knowledge on a new topic can not only be a good way to keep yourself entertained and engaged, but it will improve your own abilities and help you retain information better.  

If you’re interested in historical events or people, read more about them online or visit your local library to find books about that person or event. Keep exploring and keep being curious as the more interested you are in a subject, then the more entertained you will be and you will gain more general knowledge on a wide range of topics.  

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Try new things and step out of your comfort zone 

Learning a new hobby or skill can also be a very fun and satisfying experience in itself.  

An example of something new that you could try is listening to a genre of music that you normally don’t listen to. There are many great genres of music out there for you to explore and who knows, you may end up finding your new favourite music artist.  

You could also try eating different foods that either you’re interested in or are things that you don’t normally think of when going out to eat. This could end up being a fun little adventure for you as you explore new food and it would be even better if you went out to a restaurant with your friends who also might not have tried those foods.  

The food could end up being something great that could be among your favourite foods or it could end up being bad, which will still create a good and funny memory for you and your friends to look back on and laugh at.   

Trying new experiences can be a great way for you to not only entertain yourself and those around you, but it could be a great way for you to build your relationships with your friends and family.  

You never know, something you may have been skeptical about going into, might end up being your new favourite hobby or experience in life.

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