Career and job resources for youth in Canada

By Amanda Owusu

Posted on May 24, 2021
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In Canada, the government invests a lot of money toward career planning services for youth. As a result, there are many programs and resources that young people in Canada can access if they are looking for help when finding a job and planning their career. This article will share some of these resources and programs with you.

If you’re a high school or post-secondary student, your school has designated services intended to help you with your job search and career plan. If you’re in high school, you can access these services by setting up an appointment with your guidance counselor. If you’re in post-secondary, you can access these services by reaching out to the career centre on campus or to your program director. If you’re not in school or would like to access services offered outside of the school, there are many more options available to you.

The Canadian government has many career planning and job-hunting resources on their job bank website. On this website, you can find a labor market information database where you can research different occupations, wages, and educational needs for different professions. You can also find career tests and skills checklists that you can use to help you find jobs that are related to your interests and skills. Information such as educational needs for certain professions can also be found on the same website under the career planning section.

The Canadian government job bank website also has resources dedicated to helping you find employment. Information about different training programs designed to help you develop essential skills, such as literacy skills and computer skills, as well as other employment training is also offered on this site. The website provides tips on how to design a resume that’ll impress employers too. The Newcomer also has an article on how to write resumes and cover letters.

In addition to providing resources and services, this federal database also has a job bank where thousands of employers post their job advertisements in search of employees. This database is updated daily and has different filters and features that you can use to refine your search. Additionally, the Canadian government has the Canada Summer Jobs program which creates summer job opportunities for youth in a wide variety of different sectors. You can find these employment opportunities in their job bank section.
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The Canadian government also offers many jobs and internship programs for young people who are interested in working with the Canadian government. It has programs such as the Federal Student Work Experience Program, Research Affiliate Program, Post-Secondary/Co-op Program, and more. If you’re interested in working with the Canadian government, it is well worth your while to visit their website to see what current opportunities are available. Links to these web pages will be included at the end of this article.

Most provincial and territorial governments also offer employment resources for youth as well. For example, the Ontario government offers a huge list of youth career resources on their website, including specific programs that cater to those in the province. These programs include paid training, internships, and job placement opportunities. You can find links to these provincial and territorial websites at the end of this article.

Another great resource on career planning and job-hunting available for young people in Canada is the Youth Employment Services Program (YES).This is a government-funded program that offers many different types of services from employment counseling to training to placement programs. There are even programs such as YES BizStart that help youth start their own businesses. YES also offers mentorship programs for young people who are trying to learn specific skills or information about a certain occupation. You can also find many different online resources that will help with your job search, such as question and answer sections, online training programs, and job-hunting guides. If you’re a young person looking for employment opportunities or you are just starting your career, YES is a perfect place to begin your journey.

There are also many job bank databases that have special listings for students, youth, and entry-level applicants. You can use these databases to find employment opportunities that are specifically tailored to young people. Some of these databases include Workopolis, Talent Egg, Charity Village, Indeed, and Canada Youth Works.These are great resources to use in addition to the Canadian government’s job bank.

Finding employment or trying to plan your career can be difficult especially as a young person. It may be hard to figure out where to start. Fortunately, the Canadian government has many resources available to young people to help them with job searching and career planning. You can try using one of these resources alone or use them in combination with each other (see the list of links below). Now that you have the information you need to begin, get out there and chase your dreams! We wish you all the best in your job search.


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