Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

By Brittany Stuckless

Posted on January 10, 2022
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Young newcomers can feel lonely when they’re trying to settle into their lives in Canada. This is especially common for only children and youth struggling to make friends at school. A mentor-mentee relationship can work wonders for youth. Today, we’ll look into Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and how the program can help a child achieve their goals and establish a relationship with a positive influence.

What is Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit organization that provides youth with mentors. They offer one-on-one mentorship programs. They also offer in-school mentorship that aims to guide youth through the experience of going to school. Lastly, they provide group-based programs that focus on healthy eating and other essential factors to a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on the Big Brothers Big Sisters location, there may be even more programs available for youth. Big Brothers Big Sisters is an excellent idea for newcomer parents who worry their child may lack direction or feel lonely. Understandably, many newcomers are busy working hard to secure a good life for their families. It may be a good idea for parents to take some of the burdens off themselves by looking into the program.
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Big Brothers Big Sisters is also a great resource for youth with single parents and/or no siblings. For example, a young boy could benefit significantly from a Big Brother mentor if their father isn’t present. The same can be said for a young girl without a mother. Lastly, newcomer children without siblings can feel incredibly isolated if they don’t spend enough time with their parents and haven’t made friends yet.

How to get a mentor

The first step is finding an agency in the right area. There should be a “register a child” or “enrol a young person” link on that agency’s website. This will bring users to a contact form that can be quickly filled out and submitted. If someone is having trouble finding these links, they can simply call the location’s office. The user needs to make sure they’re on the right location’s website.

Benefits of having a mentor

A Big Brother or a Big Sister can have a huge effect on the youth they mentor. A child’s experience with a Big Brother or Big Sister can have a lifelong impact on forming healthy relationships. A mentor can also help youth understand their potential, reach their goals, and gain confidence. Spending time with their mentor may also be something they can look forward to every week. In a nutshell, a mentor can help a child by:

  • Recognizing potential
  • Achieving short and long term goals
  • Providing emotional support
  • Helping navigate discrimination and bullying
  • Learning how to form healthy relationships

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Important links

  • This map shows the location of all Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in Canada.
  • The national office of Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada is in Toronto, Ont.
  • Head office contact info can be found here.
  • Find a local Big Brothers Big Sisters location here.

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